Electronic and Electrical Capacitors

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Plastic Film Capacitors : Dipped / Box / Round / Flat type in Metallised / Film Foil construction for Fan Regulator, Energy meter, Automobile applications, LED Driver / Ballast, Railway signaling, Defence, Medical in filtering \ snubber \ pulse \ timing etc applications. Manufactured in technical collaboration with Condensateurs Fribourg SA, Switzerland since 1974.
Capacitance range : 10 pF to 1000 μF
Voltage range : 50 V to 30000 V DC

Power Factor Correction Capacitors(PFCC) : Self healing Metallised Polypropylene, MPP dry type in single and three phase version with burst proof feature for PF improvement under varying load and large voltage variation conditions. Can also be used for harmonic filtering / reduction in harmonic distortion with tuned / detuned reactors. Available in round / box type from 1KVAR to 25KVAR,
Voltage:415, 440, 480 and 525 VAC. Conforming to IS 13340:1993 standards.

Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors :Long life , low ESR, small size, high ripple current handling capacity, customized Professional / Industrial grade for UPS / Welding / Windmill / Railway coach airconditioning / Solar Inverters, Battery Chargers , Induction furnace etc. applications.
Voltage Range : 16VDC to 500VDC.
Capacitance Range : 470μF to 470000μF
Temperature rating : 85°C and 105°C

Electrical MFD Capacitors : Large range of Alternating Motor Run \ Start for Fan motor, Pumps / Submersible pumps, Airconditioners, Washing machines etc. Special versions for Harmonic filtering at higher frequencies in Inverters / UPS.
Voltage Range: 100 to 630 VAC.
Capacitance Range:0.50 MFD to 250 MFD

Power Electronics Capacitors:High Current / Voltage / Frequency applications such as DC link, Alternating current / Direct current Harmonic filtering, \ Resonant tank circuit \ snubber etc in Induction , Drives, Railway traction / Auxiliary converters, Windmill / Solar / Welding machine inverters, UPS etc. Available in Round / box configuration, with / without self healing and burst proof features in both dry and oil filled types.
Voltage: 400VDC to 20000VDC and 100VAC to 1000VAC
Current: 5 To 1000 Amps
Frequency: 50HZ to 100KHz

  • NABL Accreditation for Electronic Testing as per IEC 17025
  • NABL Accreditation for Thermal Calibration as per IEC 17025
  • Indian Space research Organisation(ISRO) for Space application
  • Joint Services for Defence applications
  • Centre for Development of Telematics (C DOT) for Telecom application
  • Research Design Standardisation Organisation (RDSO) for Railway application
  • Reputed manufacturers of Energy meters. Uninterrupted Power Supplies, Switched Mode Power Supplies Inverters, Induction heating, Ballast, Fan Regulation, Lighting, Motor Control and Filters.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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