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Productivity enhancing handling equipment catering to needs of Manufacturing, Logistics, Service and the Hospitality industry. Wherever standard equipment does not meet specific requirements, customized equipment can be supplied.

  • Manually operated equipment : A large range to select from. Standard and customized.
  • Electrically operated equipment : A large range for factory shop floors and warehouses with load capacity up to two tons and lift height up to 12 m.
  • Electric forklift trucks : Conventional Counterbalance Forklift Trucks up to 5T load capacity and lift height of 6 m, Reach Lift Trucks up to lift height of 12 m and Narrow Aisle Trucks up to lift height of 5m.
  • Diesel engine powered forklift trucks up to 10 T load capacity.
  • Electrically operated High Lift Equipment : For overhead/aerial work up to height of 16m, include AC and DC powered and self-propelled types.
  • Electrically operated Counter balance Stacker specifically designed to maneuver and position dies/molds in confined areas with low turning radius.
  • Electrically operated loading / unloading equipment : Hydraulic and mechanical Dock Levelers up to 16T load capacity, Scissor Platforms designed as per customer requirements and up to 30T load capacity.
  • Diesel engine powered Self-Propelled High Altitude Telescopic and Articulated Aerial Lift platforms up to lift height of 40m.
  • Forklift truck attachments : Drum grabs, telescopic Jib Crane, push-pull attachment, bale clamp,block clamp and paper roll clamp etc.
  • Electrically operated goods lift : Scissor Platform and Wall-mounted types, up to load capacity of 3T and lift height of 12 m.
  • Customized goods Lifts upto Lift height of 16 m offered.
  • Some flame-proof equipment also available meeting regulatory requirements.

All equipment with robust contemporary design with latest technology, features and inbuilt safety measures backed by well-trained service team with standard spares available off the shelf.


We offer commissioning, demonstration/operation and preventive maintenance training. Prompt after sales service during which our technicians draw the attention of users to the lack of preventive maintenance and lack of safety aspects if seen.

  • Electrically Operated
  • Electrically Operated High Lift Equipment
  • Electrically Operated Counter Balance stacker
  • Electrically Operated Dock Levelers and Scissor Lift Dock
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Forklift Truck Attachments Material Handling Equipment
  • Manually Operated Material Handling Equiment
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