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Power Monitoring Devices :

Complete range of Power Monitoring equipment, analysers and accessories. Saves energy and improves operational process by measuring and analysing upto 2000 critical parameters. A comprehensive overview of energy supplies is achieved and corrective measures introduced. Power Quality is monitored as per IEC 50160 standards. Measured values are visualised by the GridVis software supplied with all devices, allowing integrated reporting, statistic and storage of historical data in a database of upto 280 days. SCADA compatible.

Transformer Monitoring Devices :

Asset Management Solutions used in Substations for Online Real Time Transformer Monitoring, Online Bushing monitoring, Tapchanger Supervision and Online Transformer Cooling Control for a maximum of four power transformers. Generates warnings and alarms. Compatible with all communication protocol and standards applicable in Substation Automation Systems(SAS) and SCADA typically IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104.

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